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On-Line Training



iLearnReliability (iLR) is a subscription-based training program for viewing on a PC, TV or large screen.

  • The lessons live within  an educational Learning Management System (LMS) that allows an administrator to allocate specific lessons to individuals and to monitor their progress.
  • There are 55 lessons to choose from - suitable for Managers, Supervisors, Planners, Maintenance, Operations, Stores, Engineers, Reliability, Purchasing Condition Monitoring, Fitters and Trades people.
  • Lessons range in viewing time from 10 minutes to a few hours depending on the intended audience and complexity of the subject  being taught.  iLR allows many people to be trained at low cost without leaving their site. If someone misses a lesson, it can easily be rescheduled for another day.
  • The training is most successful when there is a site "champion" or leader who has the influence and authority to use the training within a structured reliability improvement program. Preferably the lead person  will be a certified Asset Reliability Practitioner.
  • Globally, there are over 3,000 people from a wide range of industries subscribed to iLR  training. 
  • There are 2 versions - one for training across multiple departments [ENTERPRISE] and  one specifically for condition monitoring & precision installation personnel [CONDITION MONITONITORING]


ARP CAT 1 and CAT 2 Distance Learning Courses and Exams


Asset Reliability Practitioner [ARP] Category I & 2 courses are now available  through online learning. 

The new online learning format is the first that allows professionals in remote locations and those who are not able to travel to a public course, an opportunity to become trained and certified in asset reliability by an accredited training institution.

Upon completing the online learning course, students become eligible to take the  online examination.  The on-line exam can be taken after completion of all modules, after 1 week or after a year, the time it is up to you.

On-line access is available for 6 months from date of enrolment.

I-Learn Brochures

iLearn Condition Monitoring (pdf)


iLearn Reliability™ [ Enterprise ] (pdf)


Condition Monitoring Lessons (pdf)


Enterprise Lessons (pdf)