Mobius Training

Leaders and practitioners who play the vital task of enhancing the efficiency and reliability of industrial facilities should be acknowledged for their skills as well as their experience and contribution.

The Reliability Institute’s Mobius training will recognise the expertise and fundamental experience of people at three levels: the Advocate, Reliability Engineer, and finally, the leader in the organisation. Additionally, Reliability Institute’s Mobius training certification will recognise leaders and reliability engineers with a proven track record of competence.

When you opt for our Mobius training, there are certain standards to be fulfilled to become certified. While there are various certification programs that have their own standards, Reliability Institute follows three fundamental requirements: education, exam as well as previous experience. In certain instances, there is a fourth requirement that may be in place – that the applicant has already been certified at an earlier stage.

Our every Mobius training session defines the requirements for training. The requirements will be a blend of subjects and duration.

Most of the time, the standard will specify the subjects that must be addressed in a course, as well as the approximate length that the topic will be covered.

The standard also specifies the required hours of instruction for a course of training. For instance, for the Vibration Analysis course to be certified as Category II in accordance with ISO 18436-2, the training program must contain 32 hours of education. The typical timeframe is four and a half days of training to fulfil the specifications.

In this way, we ensure that Mobius training is set to the standards of the industry and help you excel in every way. Contact our team today to know more about Mobius training.

Our clients speak

Enjoyed the team dynamics assisted through instructors’ experience and the course content was good.
Excellent. Has given me a good base to start in a new role as a RE.

Reliability Engineer Specialist

Good training as it covers a wide range of topics related to reliability. Excellent material and presentation.
Terry is an excellent instructor and keeps you on track with the topics.

Mechanical Reliability Engineer

As a service provider, the first thing is approaching our customer to know how we can help with our capabilities to improve their plant reliability.

Service Engineer

I have completed a graduate study in maintenance & reliability engineering before. However, I got some very important things from this course.

Asset Strategy Engineer

Very rich in knowledge related to reliability . Great course, great trainer.

Maintenance Manager

Good content and a great group. Great instructor – clearly passionate about reliability engineering.

Plant Engineering Supervisor 2

The training course was very good in terms of concepts and covering all of the subjects that a Reliability Engineer needs.

Reliability Lead

As a new engineer this course helped me understand the role of a reliability engineer. I got some good ideas for electrical reliability and am keen to take these ideas back to site.

Graduate Engineer

Excellent quality and delivery. At times a little deeper would be good, but this course was completed in a compressed time frame.

Reliability Technician

It is very comprehensive and well structured; it contains most of the topics a Reliability Engineer need to know.
Very informative. It is a good guide of how to improve.

Electrical Technical Officer

The training course has helped me to realize that there are many elements to reliability and that significant improvements can be made by getting the basics right. I will recommend the course to my colleagues.
Excellent. Well taught by Terry.

Plant Engineering Supervisor

The course covered a very broad range of maintenance & reliability related subjects
Broad range of topics covered. Appropriate depth to cover such a wide range of topics.

Senior Reliability Engineer

Excellent content to generally open people up to reliability maintenance.

Asset Integrity Engineer

Excellent course to establish a level of knowledge.

Systems Engineer

Really great overview of all the technology available for reliability engineers to utilize.
Very informative and covers a lot of areas of Reliability as it should.

Reliability Superintendent

Very valuable for an overview and particularly when at the early stages of reliability/plant availability

Maintenance Improvement Lead

Very well presented and informative.

Maintenance Planner

Good quality information, delivered well. The course was very informative.

Maintenance Coordinator