CBM – Condition Based Maintenance

This short one-day course gives an overview of Condition Monitoring and a Condition-Based Maintenance strategy.

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    CBM - Condition Based Maintenance

    • PD hours: 5
    This short course is the most economical way to learn and perfect for those unable to attend a classroom course or prefer to study at their own pace.
    • $450.00 excl. GST


CM technologies covered are Vibration analysis, Ultrasound, Oil Analysis, Infrared Thermography, Visual Inspections, Performance data, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Electrical Equipment testing.

Condition monitoring plays a key role in the reliability improvement program. At the least, it is used to provide a warning of future failures so that corrective maintenance can be planned. In a true reliability-based maintenance program, condition monitoring is an integral part of the planning and scheduling process. In a more enlightened program, it is used to detect the root causes of failure so they may be avoided, and it is used for quality assurance and quality control (acceptance testing when purchasing new equipment and for verifying the quality of work performed on-site).

This course provides a summary of the major technical areas of condition monitoring: vibration analysis, ultrasound analysis, oil analysis and wear particle analysis, infrared thermography, inspections, performance monitoring, NDT, and electrical equipment testing (including electric motors and transformers – additional electrical applications are covered under ultrasound and infrared thermography).

Thanks to the use of the Mobius Institute simulations and animations, students will find it very easy to understand the condition monitoring technologies.

These lesson modules were taken from the Asset Reliability Practitioner ARP[E] course for Reliability Engineers, but this course will also be of interest to maintenance managers (and planners/schedulers) and condition monitoring practitioners.

Please note that the “Asset Strategy Development” course provides a very useful background on how the appropriate condition monitoring technologies should be chosen as part of the overall maintenance plan and the philosophy of condition-based maintenance.
It would be extremely useful to take this course or complete the while ARP [E] Reliability Engineer course.

The course includes approximately 5 hours of video lessons, delivered by Jason Tranter, the founder and CEO of Mobius Institute.


$450 plus GST = $495