UCAT-1 Ultrasound Analysis ISO18436-8

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    UCAT-1 Ultrasound Analysis ISO18436-8

    • PD hours: 32
    Fee includes: printed manual, on-line exam & 5 year's certification.
    • $2,900.00 excl. GST


Learn Ultrasound Analysis from the world’s leading provider of training & certification. The Reliability Vibration Institute of Australia provides Mobius Institute online courses - the most understandable and interesting training available. Mobius Crystal Clear™ training methodology is unique, using hundreds of 3D animations and software simulations that make complex concepts easier to understand.
Mobius Institute is ISO/IEC 17024 and ISO 18436-1 accredited, meaning that you are assured that your certification meets the highest global standards, and our training teaches you everything you need to know according to the ISO 18436 standard for Ultrasound analyst training. There is no more highly regarded training & certification available.

• About condition monitoring, including a summary of the most common technologies
• About reliability improvement
• How ultrasound testing and ultrasound-assisted lubrication plays a key role in reliability improvement
• About the fundamentals of sound: frequency, amplitude, wavelength, pitch, and period
• How it is measured and quantified: dB, RMS, peak, kurtosis, and crest factor
• How sound behaves: speed of sound, reflection, refraction, and transmission
• How ultrasound is detected in industrial settings
• How to take dependable, repeatable, high-quality readings
• About listening to ultrasound, and capturing and interpreting waveforms and spectra
• About how to set up software systems, including the naming of assets
• About impacts, friction, turbulence, cavitation, arcing, tracking, corona, and partial discharge
• How it can be used to detect faults in bearings, electrical systems, steam traps, valves, hydraulic equipment, pumps, compressors, and other equipment
• About how hydraulics, electrical systems, steam systems, compressors, bearings, pumps, valves, steam traps, and other components work – all with vivid, realistic 3D animations
• How to correctly lubricate bearings: not too much, not too little
• How to collect data and perform tests safely
• How to generate reports that will provide people with the information they really need.
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Certification requirements:
• Training course completed
• 6-months of work experience, verified by an independent person.
• Pass an on-line hearing test


UCAT-1 enrolment cost per student: $2,900
Includes printed Course Study Guide, On-line Exam, 5 year's Certification Fee, and express delivery within Australia.

Total fee with 10% GST = $3,190