IRTCAT-1 Infrared Thermography ISO18436-7

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    IRTCAT-1 Infrared Thermography ISO18436-7

    • PD hours: 32
    The fee includes a printed manual, on-line invigilated exam & 5 year's certification.
    • $2,900.00 excl. GST


This course prepares you to either use Infrared Thermography or be confident to understand how it can be used by others in a preventive maintenance program. 

  • You will learn the fundamentals of infrared energy and the camera, and you will learn about the most common applications.
  • With the assistance of the Mobius Institute interactive simulations, 3D animations, and a wealth of case studies, you will not require a great memory to learn all the facts and concepts.
  • As a result, you will understand the ‘science’ of infrared thermography.
  • You will understand how the camera functions and learn about plant equipment’s mechanical and electrical failure modes so that you can accurately and confidently detect and diagnose a wide range of fault conditions.
  • You will come away from the course with the knowledge and confidence to be successful as an infrared thermographer or understand its applications.

    Detailed topic list:

    • Reactive, preventive, condition-based, proactive
    • How to decide between them
    • Vibration, ultrasound, oil analysis, wear particle analysis, and electric motor testing
    • Detecting faults, root causes, and quality control
    • Understanding the difference between heat energy and temperature
    • The laws of thermodynamics
    • Heat transfer modes – conduction, convection, and radiation
    • The thermal capacity of different materials
    • The fundamentals of conduction
    • Conductive heat transfer rate
    • Thermal conductivity of different materials
    • The fundamentals of convection
    • Compensating for the “wind cooling effect”
    • The fundamentals of radiation
    • Emitted, reflected, and transmitted radiation
    • Radiation wavelengths and the electromagnetic spectrum
    • Emissivity and the Stefan-Boltzmann Law
    • Incident and excitant radiation
    • Understanding the infrared camera Lenses and lens materials
    • Capturing and controlling the image with temperature range, level and span
    • Colour palette selection
    • Error source recognition, prevention, and control
    • Calibrating the thermal camera
    • Environmental and operational conditions
    • Image storage and management
    • Hazard awareness Standards and guides
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    • The basic principles of diagnostics
    • (ISO 13379) and prognostics (ISO 13381) Machinery engineering principles
    • Electrical application – fuses, transformers, switchgear, transmission lines etc
    • Mechanical application – pipes, tanks, refractories, heat exchangers etc
    • Civil applications – windows, air leaks, construction integrity etc
    • Process applications – steam traps
    • Fault classification
    • Providing actionable information


No prior experience is required for studying the course.

Certification requirements:

  • Training course completed.
  • Passing 2- hour, multiple choice, closed book exam with minimum 70%
  • 6-months of work experience, verified by an independent person.


IRT-CAT 1 enrolment cost per student: $2,900
Includes printed Course Study Guide, On-line Exam, 5 year's Certification Fee, and express delivery within Australia.
Fee with 10% GST = $3,190