V-CAT2 VIBRATION ANALYSIS. On-line Course. Four months to complete.

Enrol anytime for CAT2 Vibration Analysis ISO18436-3 - the course starts 1 week after enrolment.

  • 01 May
    18 weeks, 12:00 PM - 12:00 PM
    • PD hours: 38
    • $3,300.00 excl. GST


Learn to be an effective vibration analyst - capable of diagnosing a wide range of faults, conducting special tests, and performing precision aligning and balancing.

In this course you will:
• Increase your knowledge on maintenance practices, condition monitoring, and the common condition monitoring technologies
• Increase your knowledge about data collection, testing techniques, sensor types, etc.
• Learn a great deal about signal processing and the settings of your vibration analyzer
• Increase your knowledge of spectrum analysis, time waveform analysis, and phase analysis
• Understand why phase analysis and time waveform analysis are both critical tools used by the vibration analyst
• Learn about common failure modes and how to detect them, including unbalance, misalignment, looseness, resonance, pump/fan/compressor vane, and flow issues, cavitation, turbulence, gearbox failures, rolling element bearing failure, and more
• Learn about high-frequency bearing and gear fault detection techniques: demodulation, enveloping, SPM, HD, shock pulse, PeakVue and Spike Energy.
• Be able to use spectra, phase readings, time waveforms, bump and impact tests, to test for looseness, resonance, and other conditions
• Learn about precision shaft alignment and soft foot correction
• Learn about single and two-plane balancing
• Learn the basics of setting alarm limits: band alarms and mask/envelope alarms.
The key is that with the VCAT-II course, you will transition from being a person who is primarily capable of collecting data to a person who can diagnose faults on critical machinery, and in some cases, prevent or correct them.
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With this video-based course, your learning occurs independently, which allows you to participate in the training at your speed and your convenience.

Students can choose either the standard 4 months on-line access or Life-Time access with no expiry date. For both options, students can watch the videos more than once. Each enrolment is for 1 person individually and is not transferable.

Exam Information:
Optional certification examination is available after course completion, offered via an Invigilated Exam Process.
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VCAT-2 enrolment cost per student:
Standard Course with 4 months access: $3,200
Upgrade to Life-Time Course with no expiry: $900
Course Manual with shipping - free. Included in course fee.
Online Invigilated Exam and 5 Year’s Certification: $690

All prices are plus 10% GST
Note: The Invigilated Exam & Certification can be paid for when enrolling or after course completion.


  • Training course completed.
  • 18-months of vibration analysis experience, verified by an independent person.
  • Pass exam with minimum of 70%