iLearnReliability 15 student subscription for 12 months

iLearn Reliability 15 student subscription for 12 months access

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iLearnReliability (iLR) is a subscription-based training program for viewing on a PC, TV or large screen. 

  • The lessons live within  an educational Learning Management System (LMS) that allows an administrator to allocate specific lessons to individuals and to monitor their progress.
  • There are 55 lessons to choose from - suitable for Managers, Supervisors, Planners, Maintenance, Operations, Engineers, Reliability, Condition Monitoring and Trades people.
  • Lessons range in viewing time from 10 minutes to a few hours depending on the depth on the subject.
  • iLR allows many people to be trained at low cost without leaving their site.
  • The training is most successful when there is a site "champion" or leader who has the influence and authority to use the training within a structured reliability program. 

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