Classroom Courses

Classroom Courses

Classroom courses are taught by an experienced instructor, giving students the opportunity to ask questions, clarify understanding and to learn from the experiences of other students.

Classroom course enrolment includes a colour printed course manual. Asset Reliability Practitioner [ARP] course students also receive free on-line access to a studio quality video recording of the course, for pre and post course study.

Classroom Courses available are:

Time is allocated for review and go over trial questions before the exam.

Non-Certified Courses
1 Day (No Exam)
Reliability Fundamentals

Classroom Courses Can be Either

Public– held at various cities in Australia & New Zealand to a schedule with students from different companies.
Maximum class size is 20 students.
see here for dates and locations

Private– on site or in-house with all students from the company class size is 6-20 attendies.
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Certification Exams: Exams are held on the afternoon of the final day. Exams are multiple choice, closed book.
All courses have an optional certification exam with a 70% pass grade required.
ARP [A]: 60 questions, duration 2 hours.
ARP [E]: 100 questions, duration 3 hours.
ARP [L]: 100 questions, duration 3 hours.