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Reliability Certification

Reliability CertificationReliability CertificationReliability Certification

Reliability Certification - 3 CATEGORIES of recognition

Reliability Certification Training Courses


Practitioners and leaders involved with the important role of improving the reliability and performance of an industrial facility should be recognized for their knowledge, experience, and contribution. The Asset Reliability Practitioner (ARP) certification scheme will recognize the knowledge and basic experience of people at three levels; the Advocate who contributes to the initiative, the Reliability Engineer and the Program Leader.    In addition, the certification scheme will separately recognize reliability engineers and leaders who have proven competence.    

The Asset Reliability Practitioner (ARP) utilizes an international scheme, with independent, aligned training available all over the world. Reliability Institute offers all three levels of training to prepare you for your certification examination. Additionally, the Certification scheme is unique to any other certifications available in that it recognizes "proven experience" to achieve higher recognition through experience-designated certification levels.



 The Category 1: Advocate certification may be achieved by attending a 2-day course, followed by  and exam. 

A minimum of 6 mths work experience is the only prerequisite.

The Asset Reliability Practitioner [ARP] Category 1 “Advocate" course is intended for everyone working within an organization who in any way influences the design, engineering, procurement, maintenance planning, maintenance activities or operation of critical rotating machinery and electrical equipment. 

It is very well suited for in-house or onsite training to support or kick-off a company reliability improvement initiative.

It gives the "big-picture" of why unreliability exists, how it creeps into an operation and what the key steps are to eliminate it. It will become clear that reliability is not the sole responsibility of the maintenance department and why it requires cross-function teamwork to deliver and sustain reliable operating equipment.




 The Asset Reliability Practitioner [ARP] Category II “RELIABILITY ENGINEER CORE EDUCATION” course is intended for industrial reliability engineers charged with helping the organization improve reliability and performance, and for anyone else in the organization who desires to have an in-depth knowledge of the reliability improvement process. The role of reliability engineer is a critically important but challenging role. In most organizations there are almost infinite opportunities for improvement, but understanding what to change and how to change it can be difficult. This course shows that data analysis is just the start and teaches other skills and actions that are required to achieve results.

The only pre-requisite for certification is a minimum of 24 months experience.



The Asset Reliability Practitioner [ARP] Category III “RELIABILITY PROGRAM LEADER” course is intended for those who have taken the lead role in a reliability and performance improvement program. Great responsibility comes with this role and the aim of this course is to set you up for success. While technical knowledge is important, it is essential to lead people with clear and frequent communication, while having strong budget and project management skills. You must have a clear vision of how the program will benefit both the business and employees, with a detailed plan and milestones on how to achieve those goals. A reliability program leader needs to understand the nature of the challenges  you will face and have a strategy for overcoming them.